Boyer, Paul S. Professor Boyer is, among other accomplishments, the Emeritus Merle Curti Professor of History, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and one of the nation's most highly regarded historians. Professor Boyer is probably the single most cited and recognized authority on the bomb and American culture. Professor Boyer can be reached through the University of Wisconsin-Madison's online directory.
 Paul Boyer
Broderick, Mick Professor Broderick is a Lecturer in Media Analysis at Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia. He is the author of many articles, and the books Nuclear Movies (1988, 1991), and Hibakusha Cinema (1996, 1999).
Professor Broderick manages his own website and can be reached by e-mail here. is the creation of H. Arthur Taussig, Professor of Fine Arts at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. The goal of his website is to provide readers, particularly parents, with insights into the values and ideology of popular films. Taussig does not promote any particular political, religious, or ideological agenda, other than giving people more understanding, and therefore more power over, films and media. Professor Taussig has also written a book that is available through the author or online dealers.
Jayne Loader is the director of the film The Atomic Café (1982) and its multimedia sequel, Public Shelter , which is also available as a CD-ROM. She is also an author.
"She uses the silent analytic powers of the librarian to pull together vast quantities of information and present it with the impact of an instant and acute form of gut-twirling food poisoning. " —  Anne Kugler, Hotwired
Richie, Donald. Mr. Richie is an independent scholar, a long time resident of Japan and largely credited with introducing Japanese film to the West. He is the author of many well known books, novels, and articles. Mr. Richie is best reached through his publisher; or, if need be, send a message to Jerome F. Shapiro, who will try to forward it to Mr. Richie.
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